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ION Harnesses

ION is a very large company which focuses exclusively on water sport accessories such as Wetsuits, Harnesses, Bags, and clothing. AKS retail harnesses and board bags from their extensive range. If you want specific items which we do not stock, please speak to us as we can order individual items from our catalogue.

ION APEX mens waist harness

ION 2011 Apex mens waist harness
The ION Apex harness is a waist harness designed to be as comfortable as possibe whilst offering excellent back support. The harness is 3D moulded and high backed with generous soft foam padding in all the right places making the fit very comfortable indeed. The actualback and sides are 3D formed to suit the shape of your back and it hugs your form tohave almost no movement, even when the kite is overhead and pulling vertically. The spreader bar is noticeably longer than usual which prevents "pinching" of the sides of the harness reducing pressure on ribs. The bar pad is large and comfortable and almost isn't required as the strap system keeps the bar down in any case.

The quick disconnect is via a push button which releases the end of the spreader to open up, then just tear away the velcro on the tensioner belt and it's off. A small hook knife is tucked away underneath the spreader bar pad in an easy to access yet unobtrusive position in case of emergency. The design of the harness being so well fitted and snug means it won't rotate or ride up at all. This makes it perfect for most freestyle and freeride applications. For those that want a harness to twist and slide around for wave riding, check out the ION Hummer.  Colours are Silver, Black and Red

ION HUMMER mens waist harness

ION 2011 mens Hummer waist harness
The ION Hummer is a low backed waist harness for men designed to be flexible and practical. This harness emphasis in design it to be comfortable whilst offering maximum amount of rotation and movement for those who want flexibility in their posture whilst riding. This harness will suit the wave rider more than say the Apex.  The flexibility and movement allows the rider to rotate the harness to better facilitate toeside, blind and wave riding, this stops the torsional forces from trying to align the riders body to face the kite when wearing a fitted harness like the Apex, or Pat Love harnesses.

The Hummer has the same sort of spreader and bar pad as the Apex and also shares the same quick release system and emergency line cutter/hook knife.

Colours available are Black, Silver or White.


ION SOL ladies waist harness

ION Sol ladies waist harness
The 2011 ION ladies Sol waist harness is the latest design which offers excellent comfort and also flexibility.  The internal Neoprene allows the harness to move from side to side to make freestyle riding easier.  The soft hip padding, and wraptec shaping guarantees a perfectly comfortable fit. 

The cross link webbing and and internal flex belt afford the rider a great fit whilst the neo allows the movement.  A superior spreader bar pad is in place and the whole spreader can be push button disconnected simply and easily.  The hook knife is quality and is easily accessed from in front of the spreader pad.  Sizes are XS, S, M and L.  Colours are Black or White


ION NOVA ladies waist harness

ION NOVA ladies waist harness
The ION NOVA ladies waist harness is the top model for ladies looking for maximum support and comfort.  The Nova employs the X-Spine/cross link construction which offers maximum back support with 3D moulded inner and outer with soft padding completing the comfortable fit.  The harness has extra soft hip padding and with the wraptec design is sure to perfectly fit the female form.

The Spreader bar is quickly disconnected by the push button clip and the lever locl buckles allow easy adjustment.  A super comfortable bar pad ensures no point loading from the spreader and also hides the concealed hook knife in a handy but unobtrusive spot.  The Nova also comes with a handle pass leash bridle setup.  A great harness for the ladies!

Available in Black or white and XS, S, M and L.


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