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I don't know about you, but I can tell you that I hate to work out, but I love having fun.  I haven't been to a gym since I was 20 yo and I have never used a PT (Personal Trainer) or gone to a bootcamp.  I just can't stand the pain of some of the exercises, nor the boredom or repetitive exercises.  I hate running and am not overly impressed with swimming.  Now at age 43, I've made a pledge to myself to be the fittest I have been in my life.  I want to be lean, strong and have great cardio fitness.  I want the body I had when I was 20.  Come and join me in gaining fitness in our SUP Fitness classes!

Stand Up Paddle is a great platform on which to build a great work out.  The best thing about SUP, is that anyone, and I mean practically anyone can learn to SUP in a few minutes and start enjoying a great board sport as well as a good workout without you even being aware it's happening (not until the next day in any case ;-)  This is a sport which needs no board skills, no experience, has no age limitations and guys and girls can have fun on an even playing field.

One of the latest "Buzz" words is "Core strength".  Everyone in the SUPping world always rabbits on about how good SUPping is for your Core Strength, but what exactly is core strength and how is it gained and what are the benefits?

Core muscles are the muscles in your torso which basically control movement of the spine and central body.  The Core muscles are the lats, obliques, abdominals and all the inner muscles which connect to the spine and control movement and balance.  The usual way to work these muscles is to do crunches, situps, leg raises etc which apart from being painful, just aren't the least bit fun.

Paddling a SUP board works all of these muscles at the same time as you maintain balance on the board, stroke the paddle to propel yourself forward through the water and turn. You'll also work your Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps and others as part of the upper body as a consequence. The Core of your body is where all your power and strength originates.  Weak Core, weak power.  By regularly exercising these muscles by paddling and having fun, you can burn fat, strengthen the inner muscles to improve your torso strength and tone up for that 'ripped look'.

All of this exercise will translate into everyday advantage as you have a stronger back for lifting, moving about and will help you stave off back pain and injury.  And looking good gives you inner confidence and makes you feel good being fit.

AK&S; will be running morning fitness classes of paddling combined with some other beach exercises to get you fit and have fun at the same time. 

I recently came back from a 6 week family holiday up north.  I surfed a bit and SUPped about every second day for almost an hour.  I pushed myself at times and relaxed and enjoyed the experience at other times. Not at any time did I feel I was having a boring and painful workout. Occassionally I made a mistake and fell in the water which was great fun.  Climb aboard again and get back to it!

My focus was on my paddle strokes, about propeling myself forward, I was focused on correct paddle technique, course deviation, speed and fluidity, balance and the elements around me.   I could consciously notice each muscle and what was working as I stroked my way across the water and I loved it.   I managed to lose about 4 kilos in a little over 4 weeks and rediscovered my abs.  My jeans are loose on me now and I feel great again. 

If you want to come and have fun with us, and lose a few pounds and gain a bit of fitness, why not enquire This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more info?

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